Alicia zimmerman

Alicia Zimmermann is Jack's mother and an American actress and model.[1][2] She is married to Jack's father, Bob Zimmermann. She is an Alumni of Samwell.

Alicia attends Jack's graduation, along with Bob and Georgia Martin.[3] She is confused along with George when Jack runs off to see Bitty and all Bob will say is that Jack is working "the Zimmermann Charm."

Jack is named after Alicia's father (Jack) as well as Bob's grandfathers (Jacques and Laurent.)[4]

After telling the team about their romantic relationship, Jack brings up the idea of telling Alicia and Bob to Bitty. Jack tells Bitty that Alicia has been asking about him a lot and he wants his parents to know about Bitty. Bitty agrees to the idea and the two begin discussing it.[5] By the beginning of the spring semester of Bitty's junior year, Jack has told his parents who are both more surprised at how long Jack was able to keep it from them than the fact that Jack and Bitty are dating.[6] Following the revelation, Alicia discusses it with Bob who tells her that its been going on for over a half a year, since Jack's graduation. Alicia excitedly tells Bob that Jack is serious about his relationship with Bitty. Jack later tells Bitty that Alicia is excited about having dinner with the two of them and is always asking about Bitty. According to Jack, Alicia has never been this excited about anyone Jack has dated before.[7]

After Jack wins the Stanley Cup, Alicia and Bob congratulate him and offer to take a picture of Jack, Bitty, Ransom, Holster, Shitty and Lardo with the cup. Jack reveals that he and Bitty kissed and it might be on TV before suddenly kissing a surprised Bitty again and admitting that he doesn't care. Though somewhat stunned by the news, Alicia embraces Bitty, admitting that they are so proud of them. Bob and Alicia then take a picture of Jack and his friends with the Stanley Cup.[8]


Alicia and her son Jack are the only characters on the web comic drawn with pupils.


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