Jack Laurent[8] Zimmermann is the former captain of the Samwell University Men's Hockey Team. At the beginning of the story, he is a 23 year old junior (Class of 2015)[9]. His birthday is August 3rd[10][11], 1990[12]. He is 6'1" and about 200 pounds[13]. While playing for Samwell, he wore jersey #1. Before graduating from Samwell, Jack signs with the Providence Falconers[14] where he makes alternate captain before even finishing out his first season for his impact and leadership on the team.[15] He also becomes one of the NHL's top scorers.[16] Like on the Samwell team, Jack wears jersey #1 with the Falconers.

Early Life

Jack is an only child[17], the son of Quebecois hockey legend "Bad" Bob Zimmermann and his American wife[18] Alicia[19], who is an actress/model.[20] He was raised in a suburb of Montreal[21] and is a native French speaker[22]. Jack is named after his paternal great-grandfathers (Jacques and Laurent) and his maternal grandfather (Jack).[23]


Jack began ice skating before his third birthday[24] - his first memory is probably falling down while skating with his dad[25] - and he spent ages 5-12 as a hockey wunderkind. From 12-15 years of age, he played minor league hockey, and 16-18, he played for the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League along with Kent Parson. While there, he developed a substance abuse problem with prescription medication[26]. Gripped by feelings of inadequacy, Jack feared that he would not live up to his father's expectations. Jack was projected to be the top NHL draft pick, but those plans were derailed by an overdose of his anxiety medication.[18] Jack then went to rehab and didn't enroll at Samwell until he was 21[26]. While taking time off, he assistant coached a peewee hockey team of 11 and 12 year olds,[27][28] with whom he still keeps in touch.[29]

In his frog year, Jack scored an impressive number of goals. According to Bitty, the only frog to ever match Jack's number of goals is Whiskey from the Class of 2019.[30]

In his junior year at Samwell, he scored nearly two-thirds of his points after Bitty joined his line[31]. (Jack never once referred to him as "Bitty" until he was hip-checked in the playoff game against Quinnipiac University.) Jack scored the third period hat trick that secured their playoff berth[32]. The summer after his junior year, he was invited to prospect camps by Chicago, Boston, and Montreal[33].

Jack was chosen by the team as its captain three years in a row, which is a Samwell Hockey record[34]. Jack was interviewed by The Daily after most games for all four years of his Samwell career.[35]

According to Shitty, when Jack was a freshman, the upperclassmen never gave him a nickname.[36] According to Bitty, Jack hates losing more than anyone, and blames himself for team losses.[37][38] He described his most defining moment at Samwell as "every game"[39] and said his favorite part of each day was "being on the ice with the boys.”[40]

Some Samwell Men's Hockey fans have created a twitter for Jack's ass.[41]

Jack tends to get cranky in the pre-season.[42] As a pre-game ritual, Jack doesn't tend to listen to music[43], but he does eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,[44] which he describes as a good source of protein,[45] and sometimes gets broody.[46][47] He's also moody sometimes even after a win.[48] After he starts dating Bitty, Jack's pre-game PB&Js are made by Bitty[49] or with ingredients prepared by Bitty.[50]

Jack recognized Bitty's fear of being checked when Bitty was a freshman and worked with him in Bitty's sophomore year to help him through it.[51]

In his senior year, Jack finally completed the hazing/initiation ritual for the hockey team that most team members complete as freshmen.[52] Prior to doing so, he helped to kidnap Chowder along with Bitty.[53] During the hazing, Jack was inexplicably covered in feathers.[54]

There was a short article in Sports Illustrated published about Jack in his senior year, entitled "Canada's Prodigal Son."[55]

In the game on January 10, 2015, Jack scored a hat trick[56] which resulted in the team all throwing their hats at him in a restaurant.[57][58][59]

He was nominated for the Hobey Baker award his senior year, and didn't mention it to anyone for some time.[60]

After the team was eliminated from the Final Four in his senior year, Jack removed his jersey and hid at the loading dock of the arena, where Bitty eventually found him.[61]

Before graduating from Samwell, Jack officially signed with the Providence Falconers of the NHL.[62][14] Several hockey legends attended his graduation ceremony.[63] He left campus the day after graduation for training camps,[64] for which he was excited.[65]

Jack was the recipient of Samwell’s 2015 Best Male Athlete award[66], given for “an unprecedented three years of captaincy and exhibiting outstanding character on and off the field of play."[67]

While deciding which NHL team with which to sign, Jack got help from Shitty, Holster, Ransom and Bitty. They used the chalkboard of a large lecture hall to assist him in weighing his options using factors such as salary, ice time, location, fan base, cap space, and team feel.[14] Jack was confronted by Shitty after the news of his signing with Providence went up on He claims he didn’t have a chance to tell anyone because he had to get to a lecture.[14]

Jack respects Sidney Crosby as a great player[68], and was pleased with Canada's win at world championships in 2015.[69] He had no predictions for the NHL conference finals in 2015.[70]

Jack still plays hockey despite the expectation, spotlight and anxiety because at the end of the day, he loves the game so its all worth it to him.[71]

Life at Samwell

Jack is a History major[72]. He would have majored in econ or political science if not history.[73]

In his junior year, he took HIST310/WGSS347/AMST312 Gender and Warfare in Early 20th Century America with Shitty[74] and Intro to Photography with Lardo, after which they would eat their lunch on the lake quad when it was sunny[75].

In the fall semester of his senior year, he took WGSS120/HIST376: Women, Food, & American Culture with Bitty[76]. The class is taught by Professor Atley, and the final project is to create a dish from a historically accurate recipe.[77] Bitty assists him with the final project[77], and they both get A's in the class.[78] By the end of the semester, Jack describes Bitty as "fun" and a "great teammate"[79], and says what he'll miss most about Samwell is the people.[80]

The second semester of his senior year, he takes another photography class[81][82] for which he takes some photos of Bitty[83], Holster and Ransom[84][85], a goose,[86] the river[87], some wrought iron[88], and a few shots during Spring C, for which he gets chirped by Bitty[89][90]. Jack enjoys photography because it removes him as the focus of the action,[91] but admits he doesn't have much time for it.[92] He also likes showing his photographs to Bitty[93][94][95] and spilled coffee on him once while attempting to do so.[96] Jack utilized many photos of his teammates for his final photography project. Almost all of them included Bitty, which was discussed at length in his critique.[97]

Jack lives in the Haus and shares a bathroom with Shitty[98]. A poster in his bedroom says "Be Better[99]." He once played a game of Settlers of Catan with Holster[100][101] which led to a ban on board games in the Haus.[102]

Jack likes to go to bed early,[103] and even when his hockey season is finished, he continues to wake up for morning runs.[104]

Prior to his senior year hockey season, Jack was interviewed by the Daily and the interview was published in the paper with a photo.[105][106][107]

Jack made the Swallow's "Samwell's 50 Most Beautiful" list his freshman and junior years.[108]

Jack attended Winter Screw (the annual Samwell winter dance) his junior and senior year[109] with the captain of the girls' tennis team,[110] Camilla Collins.[111] Jack lists Camilla as one of his few major romantic relationships to Bitty along with girls named Kate and Samantha.[112]

Jack dressed up for Halloween for the first time his senior year, as a cat.[113]

Because of his notoriety, Jack is frequently the subject of campus gossip. There is a persistent rumor that Jack does cocaine.[114] There is also a rumor that he is older than his actual age.[115]

Jack likes to tease Bitty about his texting and tweeting,[116][117][118] sometimes confusing the two,[119][51] among other things.[120] His teasing turned into roughhousing once just before Thanksgiving.[121][122]

During the winter storm of early 2015, Jack wandered around campus checking up on the team.[123] He ventured out again later to take photographs.[124]

Jack had no plans for Valentine's Day 2015 beyond the hockey game he played with the team.[125][126][127]

He once crossed the river quad and jumped a snowbank to ask Bitty to get coffee.[128] The day after signing with the NHL, Jack bought Bitty some frozen yogurt.[129]

He attended Lardo's junior art show with other members of the team including Bitty, Ransom, Holster, Shitty, Nursey, Dex, and Chowder[130][131][132] at which he crawled into a pink art installation.[133][134][135] Jack's review of the art show: “It’s always great to go to events like these and see what’s happening around Samwell.  Our manager’s in the show and she’s so talented. All the boys came out since she does a lot for the team and we want to support her.” - J. Z.[136]

Holster managed to convince Jack to watch all of Game of Thrones with him.[137] Jack told Bitty it was like watching with the director’s commentary on.[138]

Jack's senior thesis was “How WWII affected university athletic programs in North America.”[139] He says that his undergrad experience taught him to "try new things"[140] and his stress management advice is to exercise, take breaks, and don’t procrastinate.[141]

Jack chirped Shitty for crying as they kissed center ice at Faber to say goodbye when their senior season was over.[14] Afterward, on the roof of the building, Jack loans Bitty his coat and Bitty later falls asleep on his shoulder.[14]

The day before graduation, Jack took questions and answered them on Bitty's twitter.[142]

On graduation day, Jack hugs Bitty goodbye on the Lake Quad, but after Bitty’s gone and after chatting with his father, Jack realizes he isn’t finished saying goodbye.[143] He runs from the quad back to the Haus, surprises Bitty, and with no preamble, kisses him.[144] They share several kisses before being interrupted by the persistent buzz of Jack’s phone [145]. Jack leaves, but promises to text Bitty, kissing him one last time before leaving again.[146] Jack later states to Shitty that he didn't realize he wanted to be with Bitty until that last minute at graduation.[147]

Relationship with Eric Bittle

Jack begins secretly dating Bitty at some point between graduating in May and August of 2015.[148] He travels to Madison to visit Bitty over the 4th of July, where they watch the fireworks from the back of a pickup truck.[148] During dinner with Bitty's parents, Jack discusses the media attention he’s likely to face as a professional athlete.[148] Bitty's parents remain unaware that Jack is his boyfriend.[148] The relationship between the two is unofficial until Bitty visits Jack in Providence in August and they tell each other about their past relationships ending with Jack giving Bitty a LEGO version of him and then asking Bitty out. He then carries Bitty off the bedroom to celebrate but is unable to stop chirping Bitty while he does so.[149] Shortly afterwards, Bitty makes Jack Suzanne Bittle's PB&J with the crusts cut off as a new pregame ritual. The excitement causes Jack to admit that he loves Bitty before Bitty drops the sandwich in a panic. After briefly panicking over his words, Jack admits that he does love Bitty who is upset. Bitty admits he loves Jack too and has for awhile, but is worried about how hard it will be.[150]

Jack skypes with Bitty every night and practices French vocabulary words with him, and Bitty listens as Jack talks about his Falconers teammates.[151]

The two of them agree keep their relationship a secret to protect Jack's career,[151] requiring them to interact carefully while around their friends, and save their displays of affection for when they're alone.[152][153] While visiting one another, they tend to leave clothes behind - Jack's shirt and hat end up with Bitty; Bitty's shorts end up at Jack's.[153] Bitty makes sandwiches for Jack as often as possible, attaching handwritten notes of encouragement to them. Jack saves these notes on his fridge.[154]

After returning from a roadie, Jack finds a message on his phone from Bitty stating how hard its become for him to hide their relationship. Worried, Jack calls Bitty back who sadly asks him to talk.[155] Bitty explains how hard it is for him to have to hide Jack and not be open about his relationship with him, something that makes him feel like he's back in Georgia. Jack tells Bitty that he should tell their friends the truth, but Bitty refuses to risk it and Jack potentially destroying his life for him while Jack doesn't want Bitty to suffer because of his career. Upset, Bitty tells him they'll get through it together and its just been a bad week for him before hanging up. To Bitty's surprise, Jack later arrives at the Haus and tells him he's not doing this by himself as they are a team. Bitty embraces Jack before taking him upstairs to dry off, joking about Jack waking Bitty up early like he used to for checking practice.[156]

The morning after Jack visits the upset Bitty, he and Bitty invite Ransom, Holster, Lardo and Shitty to brunch at Jerry's to tell the group about their relationship. The others begin arguing over who won their bet about when Jack and Bitty would start dating while Jack and Bitty share a laugh at their response.[157] Their friends, who had found out in various ways over the previous two weeks, dodge the question of how they knew about the relationship and Jack questions Shitty for deets on his own relationship with Lardo. As they return to the Haus, Shitty stops Jack outside to apologize for making things harder for him and Bitty in any way. Jack tells Shitty that he didn't realize he wanted to be with Bitty until the last minute at graduation as he isn't good with his feelings, but that Bitty has told him he's getting better about it. Jack makes a joke about how he's not so much of a hockey robot anymore to Shitty's delight and tells Shitty that its different with Shitty and Lardo since everyone knows Shitty's been in love with her since sophomore year. Jack proceeds to dump Shitty in a leaf pile and after Bitty wakes him up from a nap ready to tell the frogs, Jack asks to tell his parents as well, an idea the two begin discussing.[158]

Following the revelation of their relationship to their friends, Jack and Bitty are able to become more openly affectionate around the Haus, resulting in them accumulating more fines than Chowder and Farmer. After Jack gets the "A" with the Falconers, Suzanne buys his jersey in support which amuses Jack. While discussing Suzanne's crush on Marty and Thirdy, Jack proposes introducing Bitty to some of the Falconers and reveals that he told his parents before coming to visit Bitty. To Bitty's surprise, Jack's parents were more surprised about how long Jack was able to hide it from them and his dad encouraged him to tell some of the Falconers about Bitty, an idea Jack supports and makes Bitty nervous. Jack tells Bitty that he plays hockey because at the end of the day, he loves it despite all the expectations and anxiety and at the end of the day, he wants to be with Bitty even if it entails a few risks as he doesn't want to hide Bitty. Bitty agrees and the two kiss as they enter the Haus before promptly being fined by Dex causing Bitty to check if Jack is sure because he's heard that the fines in the NHL are worse. Jack just laughs and says that it'll be worth it.[159]

After coming out to George and Marty, Jack talks with Bitty about his parents excitement over their relationship and Bitty's own worries about how his own parents will take it when he tells them that Jack is his boyfriend. Jack helps soothe some of Bitty's fears and wishes him good luck in his upcoming game.[160]

After having his pregame PB&J featured on a FalcsTV segment, Jack came out to the rest of the Falconers. With the help of Marty and Thirdy smoothing things over with team members who were still uncomfortable, Jack gained the support of his new team, especially Tater who cared more about Bitty cooking for him and had Jack invite Bitty to family skate. At family skate, Jack thanked Marty and Thirdy for their help and got worried enough to intervene when Tater decided to have Bitty try to lift him. However, Marty stopped Jack and Thirdy expressed interest in hiring Bitty as a babysitter.[161]

After coming out to all of their friends, Jack and Bitty are able to be more openly affectionate with each other. Having gotten wind of Bitty's skill in baking, the Falconers hound him through Jack for pies and jam. While picking up the jam with Tater, Jack shares a kiss with Bitty in the Haus foyer.[162]

Before game five of the Falconers playoff run, Jack has a panic attack about what will happen if they lose that game and the next two. To calm down, Jack sits with Bitty in his lap and discusses his fears about losing with Bitty who reminds Jack to take it one game at a time and helps Jack calm down. Bitty reminds Jack that he has already accomplished so much and he has all the support in the world from his family, his team and Bitty. Jack then helps Bitty prepare almond butter and bread in enough quantity for thirty people, presumably for the Falconers' benefit.[163]

Bitty ends up deciding to spend the summer with Jack, but chickens out in telling his mother why. Afterwards, Jack finds an unfinished pie and an upset Bitty who he comforts as Bitty admits that he wants to tell Suzanne the truth, but doesn't have the words.[164]

After Jack wins the Stanley Cup, he hugs Bitty on center ice. Jack admits he wishes he could kiss Bitty, so Bitty suggests that he just do it. After a brief hesitation, Jack agrees and goes to kiss Bitty on center ice.[165] Their kiss gets caught on live TV, outing both Jack and Bitty. Amongst the people who see Jack and Bitty kiss are Bitty's parents.[166] Moments after the kiss, Jack and Bitty are enveloped in a celly by Ransom, Holster, Lardo and Shitty. Bob and Alicia offer to take a group picture for Jack who tells them that he and Bitty just kissed and it might be on TV. Excited, Jack kisses a surprised Bitty and states "who cares" to his surprised parents. Shortly afterwards, Bob and Alicia take a picture of Jack, Bitty, Ransom, Holster, Shitty and Lardo standing with the Stanley Cup.[167]

As Samwell's preseason begins, Jack visits Samwell and meets the new freshmen, the Waffles, which was a minor hooplah. Bitty tells his vlog viewers that he is pleased to be able to talk about Jack openly on his vlog and if they are all polite, Jack might join him for a vlog at some point.[168]

Life as a Falconer

Jack signs with the Providence Falconers in the spring semester of his senior year at Samwell. He is given the nickname "Zimmboni" by his teammate Alexei "Tater" Mashkov.[148] He also brings the team a lot of Bitty's pies, resulting in their nutritionist Nate hating Bitty.[169] Along with Tater, Jack appears to grow close to team veteran and alternate captain Sebastian "Marty" St. Martin.

Jack participates in a series of Falconers PR video clips, including a logo-drawing contest against Mashkov.[170] When he is presumed by his teammates to have a girlfriend, he does not correct the error.[148][151][153][171]

Several members of the Samwell Men's Hockey team (including Bitty, Holster, Ransom, Shitty, Chowder, Lardo, Dex and Nursey) attend Jack's first preseason game.[152][172] In return, Jack and Shitty attend one of Samwell's first home games of the season where Jack visits the team in the locker room and signs a Zimmermann jersey for Whiskey.[152]

During a different Falconers game, Jack gets hit in the face with a puck and receives a cut to the chin that requires stitches.[154]

Before a game against the Las Vegas Aces, Jack is interviewed by the press and tells them that he plans to just keep sticking to their game. When asked about Kent Parson, Jack admits there's a lot of history between them but that its all in the past.[173] After an intense game, the Falconers lost to the Aces with Kent nearly injuring Snowy while making his last goal, drawing the wrath of Tater upon him. Through most of the game, Jack ignored Kent while Kent glared at him a lot.[174]

While Jack's career comes to be considered a success not even a quarter into his first season, Jack gets commentators who consider that opinion overrated and state that they don't believe he has the physical and mental endurance to last the season. The commentator also states that he believes that Jack is only perfect until he isn't and is a disaster when he isn't. His words draw the ire of the Samwell team, particularly as the commentator had been derogatory towards Jack's career hours after he shot a game-winning goal.[175]

Jack becomes the Falconers lead scorer and is eventually promoted to alternate captain alongside Marty and Thirdy before his rookie year is out due to his impact and leadership on the team. While its rare that a rookie would gain the "A" so quickly, its also rare that one contributes so much to the success and leadership of the team so quickly as Jack did for the Falconers.[176]

As he nears his six month anniversary with Bitty, Jack decides to tell the Falconers about it. To this end, Jack informs George on a run through the park so he will have someone in his corner when he tells the team. George tells Jack when he tells the Falconers he will have a lot more in his corner than just her and suggests he bring Bitty to dinner at Marty's house to meet the team.[177]

While sharpening his stick, Jack is visited by Marty who chirps him about not making a mess. Jack then brings up dinner at Marty's and asks Marty if he can bring his boyfriend with him. Marty is stunned and quickly makes sure that Jack isn't joking before telling Jack he'd be glad to have Jack and his boyfriend over. After learning that Bitty makes the pies he's been getting, Marty tells Jack that his wife Gabby thinks Jack's partner is a keeper and slaps him on the back a lot as well as being excited for Bitty to meet him and the team.[178]

Jack's pregame sandwiches from Bitty end up getting featured on a FalcsTV segment, causing Bitty to make sandwiches for the entire team who love them with Tater even having two. When Jack comes out to the team, Snowy simply asks Jack to thank Bitty for the sandwiches and recognizes that Jack was being discreet about his relationship, Poots thinks its a rookie joke at first as Marty and Thirdy had met Bitty and he had no idea and Tater is more worried about having Bitty cook for him. While some of the team find it weird and new, Marty and Thirdy help Jack smooth things over, leading Jack to later thank them for their help. Before Marty and Thirdy helped Jack, he got some kind of shower joke while on the bus about his relationship from someone on the team.[179]

The Falconers are able to secure a playoff berth with the Samwell team, due to getting knocked out of their own playoffs without Jack there to help them, being able to attend Jack's playoff games. Jack is now also considered one of the top scorers in all of the NHL and is hounded by his teammates for more of Bitty's baking, particularly by Marty, Thirdy, Snowy and Tater. During Tater's visit to the Haus, Jack takes a picture with him sitting on the well while Tater lays an arm on Jack's shoulder.[180] During one of his playoff games, which Jack secured great seats for the team, Ransom and Holster were so loud that Jack could pick them out of a crowd of 19,000 people.[181] The Falconers are eventually able to make it all the way to game five in a near sweep which is all they need to win to make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs.[182] Due to an incredible goal by Jack, the Falconers are able to make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. Jack offers Coach and Suzanne Bittle tickets, but neither can make it. He and Bitty also host a game-watching party with the Falconers, Holster, Ransom, Shitty and Lardo to watch the Schooners play.[183]

After the Falconers lose Game One six to one, Jack is left sitting on the bench in despair though he helps comfort Snowy after the Schooners get the game-winning goal past him in Game Two. Jack and Tater hug after winning Game Three, but Jack is enraged when Tater is injured in Game Four by a Schooners defensemen. In retaliation, Jack starts a fight with the defensemen in Game Five, earning him a hug from Tater. The Falconers win Games Three, Four and Five, but lose Game Six, causing Jack to review game tape while Bitty's sleeping. In Game Seven, Jack is able to steal the puck from the Schooners and despite facing off with several opposing players and the goalie, shoots the game-winning shot, netting the Falconers the Stanley Cup.[184][185] As a result, Jack gets voted MVP.[186]

To celebrate, the Falconers hold an all-night kegster with the Samwell team at Jack's apartment which his neighbors choose to join rather than complain about the noise. During the kegster, Jack drinks from the Stanley Cup and sleeps in so late the next morning that Georgia is left wondering where he is for the presser.[187][188]

During the victory parade, Jack takes a selfie with a fan who created a Pride flag. Thirdy suggests that Jack send the picture to PR. Jack decides to spend his Cup Day at Samwell which turns into a kegster featuring players from Samwell, the Falconers and even the Bruins and ends up having a fire on the porch.[189]

Relationship with Kent Parson

Jack and Kent played together in the QMJHL, where Jack was Captain and Kent was Alternate Captain.[190] After Kent went first in the NHL draft and Jack was not drafted due to his overdose, the exact status of their friendship is unknown. Kent visited Jack at least twice at Samwell: once after winning the Stanley Cup and the Calder,[191] and once during Epikegster, where their argument about Jack's future in the NHL was overheard by Bitty.[192] When Bitty brings up the subject later, Jack explains that he and Kent owe each other “a lot of apologies."[193] Jack later admits he and Kent hooked up a few times when they were in Juniors but the draft changed everything and he doesn't think Kent ever got over it. Jack explains that for him, his relationship with Kent wasn't ever more anything more than "physical hockey" and he saw Kent was bad for him following his break. He also states that it had an expiration date anyway as the relationship could've ruined both of their careers.[194] After joining the NHL, Jack gets a lot of articles focused on the idea that he and Kent were more than teammates that cites The Swallow.[195] Jack later tells Bitty that his parents knew about him and Kent while telling Bitty how he has informed his parents of their own relationship and their relative lack of surprise over it.[196]

Other Facts

  • According to Shitty, Jack's interests include golf, fishing, re-watching WWII documentaries, classic and/or alternative rock, maps, and Breaking Bad[197].
  • Jack misses all cultural references, including Betty White, Instagram[198], all pop stars, and the importance of Beyonce[199]. He has no idea who Katy Perry is.[200] He isn't sure what his favorite emoji is[201] and had to ask Ransom how to answer a question about memes.[202]
  • Jack enjoys listening to country music.[203]
  • He would like to drive a truck.[204]
  • Jack loves golfing.[205] He and Ransom talk about golf a lot[206] and go for rounds on the Samwell Golf Course[207].
  • He once defended the Haus from the entire football team[208] using a fire extinguisher.[209] He tells Bitty this story at the EpiKegster.[210][211]
  • Jack tends to be awkward in conversation[212][213][214] and uses very few words when speaking.[171]
  • According to Bitty, Jack is not a bad dancer.[215]
  • Jack cannot play an instrument.[216]
  • Jack's ass was mentioned in Cosmo in December 2014, and Shitty informed the entire team.[217]
  • For Christmas 2014, Jack received a book about generals of the American Revolution.[218]
  • Prior to Easter 2015, Jack had never tried sweet tea.[219]
  • Jack claims not to have a favorite pie, but says Bittle's stuff is "pretty good."[220]
  • He mistakenly believed that "Betsy" was Bitty's aunt, and not the Haus oven.[221]
  • When asked where he sees himself in five years, Jack replied "playing in the NHL."[222]
  • After he starts dating Bitty, Jack sleeps in a Samwell shirt while Bitty sleeps in one of Jack's Falconers shirts.[151]
  • Jack receives a Beyoncé exam from Bitty, which he completes in transit.[223]
  • Following the start of their relationship, Bitty makes Jack homemade PB&Js for lunch with little notes expressing how proud he is of Jack. Jack keeps all of these notes on his fridge.[224] It is through spotting these notes on Jack's refrigerator on his first visit to Jack's apartment that Shitty learns of their relationship.[225]
  • Jack tells Bitty that his only major relationships have been with Kent Parson, two girls named Kate and Samantha, Camilla Collins and Bitty himself.[226]
  • According to Bitty, Jack is his only real relationship. While the rugby guy had tried to kiss Bitty once, Bitty chickened out, meaning Jack is also likely Bitty's first kiss.[227]
  • Jack is strong enough to carry Bitty over his shoulder one-handed.[228] He is also strong enough to lift Shitty over his shoulders and throw him into a leaf pile with Shitty unable to break his hold.[229]
  • Following Jack starting a relationship with Bitty, he becomes aware of the existence of Señor Bunny as demonstrated by the fact that Bitty holds Señor Bunny as they Skype,[230] he's behind Jack on the bed as he flirts with Bitty[231] and Jack places him in the window when visiting Bitty in the middle of the night after Bitty grows upset.
  • According to Holster, Jack not only lived under a rock at Samwell, his rock had twenty others on top of it. Lardo then sarcastically called Jack "Rock Lord."[232]
  • Jack didn't realize he wanted to be with Bitty until the last minute at graduation. Jack says that Bitty has told him that he's gotten better about his feelings since they've been together as shown with his chirping with Shitty about not being so much of a hockey robot anymore and Shitty's relationship with Lardo.[233]
  • Jack originally called Bitty "Bittle", never calling him Eric or Bitty. The first time Jack called Bitty by his nickname was when he was injured in a game and got a concussion.[234] Jack continued to refer to Bitty as "Bittle" afterwards until he kissed Bitty for the first time. Following this, Jack starts calling him Bitty or Bits like everyone else though he reverts to a more formal "Bittle" when with someone who doesn't know they are together. Jack's calling him "Bittle" has appeared to become more of a term of endearment or fondness as they call each other "Bittle" and "Mr. Zimmermann" while sharing a kiss at one point.[235]
  • Jack and Tater come from similar backgrounds with Tater having a national figure skater for a mother and a town hockey star for a father. As a result, Tater also understands the pressure Jack is under to be perfect and recognizes that Jack is genuinely a good guy as he tells Bitty which is the reason Tater likes Jack so much.[236]
  • Jack is one of only two people in Samwell Men's Hockey history named captain on a unanimous vote from the team. The other is Bitty at the end of his junior year.[237]
  • Ngozi describes his voice profile as: "A standard Canadian accent but close to Kris Letang’s (from 1/5/14). Guy has a slight French-Canadian accent. He can bro-out his accent when he needs to, but after winter break, Jack comes back to Samwell sounding a bit like a foreign exchange student from speaking French so much at home. Jack can carry a tune. Baritone. French-Canadian hockey player being interviewed after losing a game[238]."


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  164. Year 3, Comic 23
  165. Year 3, Comic 25
  166. Year 3, Comic 26
  167. Year 4, Comic 2
  168. Year 4, Comic 6
  169. Year 3, Comic 14
  171. 171.0 171.1
  173. Year 3, Comic 7
  174. Year 3, Comic 8
  175. Year 3, Comic 9
  176. Year 3, Comic 13
  177. Year 3, Comic 14
  178. Year 3, Comic 15
  179. Year 3, Comic 18
  180. Year 3, Comic 19
  181. Year 3, Comic 21
  182. Year 3, Comic 22
  183. Year 3, Comic 23
  184. Year 3, Comic 24
  185. Year 3, Comic 25
  186. Year 3, Comic 26
  187. Year 4, Comic 2
  188. Year 3, Comic 26
  189. Year 4, Comic 5
  190. Year 2 Comic 8
  192. Year 2 Comic 9
  193. Year 2 Comic 10
  194. Year 3, Comic 7
  195. Year 3, Comic 9
  196. Year 3, Comic 13
  209. Year 2 Comic 7
  210. Year 2 Comic 7
  224. Year 3, Comic 6
  225. Year 3, Comic 12
  226. Year 3, Comic 7
  227. Year 3, Comic 7
  228. Year 3, Comic 7
  229. Year 3, Comic 12
  230. Year 3, Comic 3
  231. Year 3, Comic 5
  232. Year 3, Comic 11
  233. Year 3, Comic 12
  234. Year 1, Comic 20
  235. Year 3, Comic 19
  236. Year 3, Comic 18
  237. Year 3, Comic 20