John[1] Johnson was the goalie for the Samwell University Men's Hockey Team. At the beginning of the comic, he was a senior (Class of 2014). He wore jersey #0. Johnson was born in New York, but spent most of his life in Minneapolis[2].



He is often referred to as The Existential Goalie and says his hobbies include working out, watching sports, and breaking the fourth wall[3]. He's been dating the same girl since his sophomore year[4].

Johnson made Samwell's 50 Most Beautiful four years in a row[5], thanks in large part to his killer abs[6]. He gave the senior rep speech at the 2014 hockey banquet.[1] At the end of his senior year, he gave Bitty his room in the Haus with unsolicited dibs[7]. After graduation, he went to wander the Appalachian Trail and find himself[8].

In May 2015, Bitty suspected that Johnson might attend graduation.[9] He showed up at the Haus on Class Day[10] and turned up for graduation too.[11][12]

Since October 2014, Johnson has been 'interning' for Ngozi's Check, Please! Facebook page[13]. He often makes commentary on current and upcoming comics as well as interacting with fans through the page.

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