Justin "Ransom" Oluransi is a defenseman on the Samwell University Men's Hockey Team. At the beginning of the story, he is a 20 year old sophomore (Class of 2016)[1]. Ransom is Nigerian-Canadian, and was raised outside of Toronto[2]. His birthday is March 28, 1994,[3][4] and he is a middle child with two sisters[5]. He is 6'2" and weighs approximately 210[6]. Ransom wears jersey #11.


Ransom is a Boston Bruins fan[7]. He lives in the attic of the house with Holster and has the top bunk[8]. He is the favorite player of the Haus ghosts, Jenny and Mandy, who have been known to steal his jock strap, leave him notes, and touch his butt. Ransom and Holster are the best d-man duo in the Eastern College Athletic Conference. His junior year, Ransom was one of the top scorers, and blocked more shots than anyone else on the team.[9]

Life at Samwell

Ransom is majoring in Biology[10]. He has undiagnosed test anxiety, which makes exam season difficult[11][12]. His mother's care packages include underwear and maple syrup[13]. He enjoys Pumpkin Spice Lattes with Bitty[14][15][16][17] and tries to set Bitty up with other athletes[18] including for Valentine's Day 2015.[19] Bitty declined, and subsequently hid under the table.[20][21][22] Ransom also helps Bitty to improve his physique by doing squats with him in the wee hours of the morning[23] and remarking on his progress.[24]

Ransom's social network includes all of Samwell Athletics[25] and he has a lot of Facebook friends.[26]

For Hazeapalooza 2014, he and Holster were tasked with kidnapping William Poindexter.

Ransom keeps trying to guest star on Bitty's vlog.[27]

He attended Lardo's junior art show with several of his teammates, including Holster, Shitty, Bitty, Jack, Dex, Nursey, and Chowder.[28][29] His subsequent review of the show was: “A surprising number of these were pretty sexual so I don’t know if that was planned or?” - J.O[30]

Ransom has a 4.0 GPA.[31]

When Jack was deciding which NHL team with which to sign, Ransom helped him decide along with Shitty, Holster and Bitty. They used the chalkboard of a large lecture hall to assist Jack in weighing his options using factors such as salary, ice time, location, fan base, cap space, and team feel. Ransom also built an Excel spreadsheet for this project.[32]

Before his senior year, Ransom never attended brunch at Jerry's or heard of it, earning him a lot of chirping as even Jack knew of it. Ransom was annoyed by the chirping until he, Lardo, Holster and Shitty settled down to be told by Bitty that he and Jack were now dating. The group then promptly dissolved into an argument over who owed who what on their bets on when Jack and Bitty would get together.[33] Ransom and Holster, who had overheard a phone conversation between Jack and Bitty four days before, dodge the question of how they knew about the relationship and start heavily chirping Bitty about the fines he will now owe. Bitty later tells Jack that he's more worried about Lardo with the fines than Ransom and Holster since they are her eyes and ears but that its their silly way of keeping everyone aware. Bitty states that when he told Ransom and Holster that they intended to tell the frogs about their relationship, Ransom and Holster became more serious than you usually see them without 200 feet of ice nearby.[34]

After the Samwell team is knocked out of the playoffs, Tater visits the Haus. During this visit, Ransom gets out of bed, runs into Tater upstairs and promptly hides in the attic. He remains there for all of Tater's visit and nervously calls out a goodbye when Tater leaves. Lardo promises to chirp Ransom forever for this.[35]

After Bitty takes a check and gets back up to continue playing, Ransom can be seen fist-pumping in the background.[36]

Along with the rest of the team, Ransom voted for Bitty as captain at the end of his senior year. After Bitty won on a unanimous vote, Ransom was seen to be extremely excited and cheered Bitty on.[37]

Near the end of his senior year, instead of going to med school as expected, Ransom began considering going into consulting with Holster instead, leading to an argument between the two. Ransom finally admits that he's under a lot of pressure to be a doctor, but doesn't actually know what he wants to do with his life.[38] Upon graduation, Ransom decided to move to Boston with Holster and work as project managers at an app consulting startup.[39]

While kissing the ice, Ransom, Holster and Lardo all burst into tears. Before moving out of the Haus the day after graduation, Ransom officially handed over the Haus keys to Bitty as the new captain. When Bitty burst into tears, the three pulled him into a hug together.[40]

Friendship with Holster

Ransom and Holster are best bros and talk enough that they are sometimes not allowed to sit together at practice[41]. Holster describes him as a “very delicate ecosystem [of] hockey bro, frat star, and science nerd… the human equivalent of a coral reef”[42]. Holster tends to protect Justin when Justin has episodes of test anxiety.[43][44]

For Christmas in their sophomore year, he gave Holster a NY Giants hat and received Holster's Hockey Movie Night Playlist, a list of movies to watch over break, and his Netflix password[45]. (Ransom actually watched the films[46].)

Holster is from Buffalo, so he and Ransom meet up during the summer at Niagara Falls[47]. Over winter break their junior year, Holster went to Toronto to have lunch with Ransom's family before they roadtripped back to Samwell.[48] During the trip they sent snapchats to Bitty of the two of them singing and harmonizing.[49][50]

Holster keeps trying to throw Ransom's salmon shorts out of the window. He also keeps trying to get Holster to try Sperrys[51]. Ransom wears Samwell sunglasses and croakies unironically, and Holster hates him for it.[52]

At Haus parties, they try to pick up girls together by talking about hockey.[53] As they clean up, they like to discuss all the party gossip.[54]

He and Holster looked up a ton of Jack/Kent fanfiction their freshman year[55] which they admit to March and April at EpiKegster in an effort to convince the ladies to join them in the attic.

Ransom agreed with Holster to refuse to look at popular internet memes (presumably the dress) in order to preserve their friendship.[56]

In their junior year, at a loss for what to get Ransom for his birthday, Holster promised to get him a goal[57][58] and then he did.[59] That spring, they planned an "Easter keg hunt".[60] At the end of the school year, they argued about whether or not to drive to Myrtle Beach[61][62] but in the end they roadtripped home.[63]

Though they have an ongoing feud with the Lacrosse frat across the street, Ransom and Holster loaned them some funnels during Spring C in their junior year.[64]

Ransom presumed Holster would get the C for their senior year, when in fact they were made co-captains and will both wear the A.[9]

Other Facts

Ransom bears a striking resemblance to model Jourdan Copeland[65].

He has never read Harry Potter.[66]

He has an addiction to 2048[67].

He and Jack talk a lot about golf and sometimes play at Samwell's golf course[68].

His instagram handle is just_in_coco93[69].

Ransom learned about Bitty's relationship with Jack through overhearing an overly sweet phone call between the two. He promptly told Holster it was something they'd never discuss.[70]

Ngozi on his voice profile: "I’m Nigerian, so I definitely know that if I heard Ransom talk I’d be able to tell he was Nigerian. Which may not make any sense, but there’s this weird quality you get growing up? But Ransom sounds like every hockey kid from Toronto, so imagine Wayne Simmonds? He can sing very well too, which Holster thinks is pretty great. Baritone. Bubbly lacrosse bro. Can do a decent Spongebob impression (to Holster’s Patrick Star)[71]."


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