Sebastien "Marty" St. Martin.[1] #33 on the Providence Falconers, one of the team's veterans[2] and alternate captain alongside Thirdy and Jack Zimmermann.[3]

Probably gave Tater his nickname in 2010. Speaks Quebecois French.[4][5]

Asks for Jack to come to dinner for weeks without success.[6] First person on the team that Jack tells about his relationship with Eric Bittle and is very supportive of the news. Has a wife named Gabby who loves Bitty's pies and thinks Jack's partner is a keeper as a result.[7] After Jack came out to the team, helped alongside Thirdy to smooth things over with the players who still found it weird.[8]

When the team was loudly trying to place orders for Bitty's Baking, Marty was on the phone with his wife getting her requests.[9]


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