B. "Shitty" Knight is the third line winger on the Samwell University Men's Hockey Team. At the beginning of the story, he is a 21 year old junior (Class of 2015)[3]. Shitty is a native of Massachusetts. He is 5'10" and weighs approximately 160 lbs[4]. He wears jersey #42. Shitty's birthday is December 19th.[5]

Early Life

Shitty was raised in Brookline, Massachusetts[6] and he is a graduate of Phillips Andover. His mother is a professor of English and his father was a C-level executive for a hedge fund ended by an accounting fraud indictment. His parents divorced while he was away at school[7]. His mother now lives in Cambridge and Shitty splits holidays between his parents.[8]


Shitty came up with Ransom and Holster's nicknames on their first day of freshman practice[9]. His pre-game ritual is mustache care[10], but he also likes to play soccer before a game, even though he usually ends up kicking the ball into someone's face.[11]

Shitty gives the annual Haus tour for the frogs. He is also unusually well-versed in property law, which enables the team to remain in the Haus, which should probably be condemned[12]. His bedroom is on the second floor and he shares a bathroom with Jack[13]. In fall semester of his freshman year, he immortalized the Haus bylaws on the wall of the basement behind the water heater while intoxicated.[14]

Sophomore year, he claims to have seen a guy cut open a dude's jugular with his skate[15].

As a senior, Shitty served as master of ceremonies for Hazeapalooza.[16] After finding out that Jack never went through the ritual, Shitty made him do so as a senior, along with the freshmen Chowder, Dex, and Nursey.[16] Shitty worked with Lardo to kidnap Nursey for the event.[17]

Shitty makes very lively commentary while watching NHL highlights[18], possibly on purpose to get a reaction from Jack[19].

He never gets quoted in the Daily because he swears too much.[20]

When he and Jack kissed center ice at Faber to say goodbye as seniors, Shitty cried, and Jack chirped him for it.[21]

Life at Samwell

Bitty describes Shitty as a "casual genius."[22] Though he got into Harvard, Shitty chose to attend Samwell, much to the chagrin of his paternal grandparents.[23] Shitty is double-majoring in Women's Gender and Sexuality and Political Science[24], and is the first male Knight progeny that did not major in Economics.[25] He wanted to triple major in something like Computer Science or Math, but Samwell does not allow triple-majors[26]. In his junior year, he took HIST301/WGSS347/AMST312 Gender in Warfare in Early 20th Century America with Jack[27]. He spent the summer before his senior year studying for the LSAT[28].

At the beginning of the comic, he's Jack's best friend and he becomes Bitty's closest friend at Samwell after Bitty comes out to him. He is a confidant for both Jack and Bitty[29]. He's been indignantly defending Jack since they were freshmen.[30] It's a knee-jerk reaction[31]. Jack always wins when he and Shitty wrestle.[32] Shitty gets along well with Jack's parents.[33][34] Shitty also likes to climb into Jack's bed to cuddle and chat, which Jack vehemently protests[35] before eventually giving in.[36][37][38][39][40] Shitty likes to make Jack touch his hair.[41]

When Shitty isn't at the rink or in class, he's usually naked and stoned[42]. He talks a lot, frequently with profanity.[43] He also tends to keep odd waking hours[44] and is unreliable with time-sensitive tasks.[45]

Shitty enjoys hanging out on the roof of the Haus, outside the second floor, also known as the Samwell Men's Hockey reading room.[46] This gives him access to Bitty's window, through which he handed Bitty a mimosa the morning of Spring C 2015.[47][48]

Shitty took over Bitty's twitter[49] after Bitty was told by the Coaches that he might be removed from the roster.[50]

Shitty tends to be vocally indecisive about his future plans.[51][52] Because he consistently stresses about it, Bitty always bakes him whatever he wants.[53]

He had to miss Hausgiving 2014[54] to have dinner with his dad's side of the family[55], which Jack was upset about,[56] but Shitty returned to the Haus in the evening.[57] For Christmas his senior year, he received his grandfather’s Harvard cufflinks as part of the effort to strongly encourage him to go to Harvard for law or business school after graduating from Samwell.[58][59] Shitty's opinion on Harvard Business School is not favorable.[60][61]

His senior year, he frantically assisted Lardo in last-minute preparation for her junior art show[62][63][64] by staying up until 4AM helping her bedazzle. Prior to her show, he was the only member of the team who went to Lardo's studio.[65] During the show, he put Lardo in a headlock and gave her a noogie, which was interrupted by his phone buzzing in his pocket, which was the notification of his acceptance into Harvard Law School.[65]

When Shitty finished applying to graduate schools, he refused to tell anyone where he applied.[66] He then announced his acceptance into law school at Lardo's junior art show[67][65] and was tackled by his teammates in celebration[68] while Lardo made a hasty exit.[65]

In spring of his senior year, Shitty gave Lardo his dibs in the Haus before he graduated, at no tradeoff, which made them both cry. Instead of shaking on it, they hugged.[69]

Shitty is vocal about the stress of finishing his thesis.[70] When he finally completed it, he woke Bitty up to tell him.[71]

He has conversations with Dex about current events and newspaper op-eds, and they tend to have differing opinions.[72]

In their senior year, when Jack was deciding which NHL team with which to sign, Shitty helped him choose along with Holster, Ransom and Bitty. They used the chalkboard of a large lecture hall to assist Jack in weighing his options using factors such as salary, ice time, location, fan base, cap space, and team feel.[21]

Shitty found out that Jack signed with Providence from an alert on When confronted, Jack said he would have told Shitty but he had to get to a lecture.[21]

After the graduation kegster senior year, he hid the key to the Haus basement beneath the green sofa.[73]

Though he graduated in 2015 with many accolades,[74][75] he was stressed about the fact his grandparents would be attending graduation.[76][77] Shitty's paternal grandparents threatened to not attend his graduation if Shitty did not cut his hair,[78][17] and his father asked him about it regularly.[79] Lardo helped him sculpt his haircut layers throughout his senior year,[80] and before graduation, she helped him cut it all off to please his grandparents.[21]

Shitty tends to speak much more formally around his relatives.[81][82] He went to lunch with his family after graduation, and Lardo tagged along.[83]

He spent the summer between graduation and law school on Cape Cod with the Knight family.[84]

Life after Samwell

Shitty later returns to Samwell with Jack for the Samwell Men's Hockey team opening game and goes crazy when Bitty returns a check for the first time. In doing so, he throws fries over the crowd near him.[85] Shitty later takes part in the kegster that follows the game and tells a story about his time in law school to Chowder, Dex and Tango before ambushing Jack when he comes downstairs. Shitty demands to know about Jack's girlfriend and refuses to believe he doesn't have one, citing how busy Jack always is and claiming Jack has no other friends aside from them. Lardo calms Shitty down, telling him that law school happy hours have made him so weak he has gotten drunk on half a cup of tub juice. Shitty breaks down crying about how much he missed his friends, missing how upset Bitty got at his line of questioning.[86]

Shitty later visits the Haus again and watches a news commentator acting degrading towards Jack's career with Nursey, Chowder and Lardo. While furiously discussing how everyone is just waiting for something to mess up Jack's career, Shitty and Nursey notice a frazzled Bitty drop a pie. As Bitty leaves to change, Shitty, Nursey, Chowder and Lardo watch him worriedly due to his strange behavior which comes from the fact that Bitty is having a hard time hiding his relationship with Jack from his friends.[87] The next morning, Shitty meets up with Ransom, Holster and Lardo after they are all invited to brunch at Jerry's by Bitty. There, Bitty announces he and Jack are dating and Shitty, Ransom, Holster and Lardo begin arguing over who won their bet on when it would happen.[88] Shitty, who had seen Bitty's little notes on Jack's fridge when visiting the week before, dodges the question of how he knew along with the others and starts being questioned for deets on his own relationship with Lardo by Jack. Returning to the Haus, Shitty stops Jack outside and apologizes for anything he's done that's made it harder for Jack and Bitty. Jack accepts Shitty's apology and admits that he didn't know he wanted to be with Bitty until the last minute at graduation. To Shitty's surprise, after stating that he's gotten better about his emotions since he's been with Bitty, Jack makes a joke about no longer being such a hockey robot. Jack then chirps that its different than Shitty and Lardo since everyone knew Shitty's been in love with her since their sophomore year. As Shitty agrees that love really has changed Jack, Jack picks Shitty up and dumps him in a leaf pile over Shitty's complaints that its not fair as Jack is now a pro athlete.[89]

When The Providence Falconers secure a playoff birth, Shitty kisses the TV screen displaying Jack, Tater and Fitzgerald.[90]


Shitty has been described as a "mysterious mustachioed feminist who's very comfortable with his body[91]." He came to Samwell for both the hockey and the Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies department[92]. He has always been interested in "gender shit", especially when it comes to "bros and sports and masculine identity and crap[93]." He wants to write his thesis on college hockey and how it's both the "queerest and most homophobic culture on the goddamned continent[94]."

He was also encouraged by his mother, who made him read a ton of Toni Morrison one summer. Per Shitty, he found her work to be "some wild gravy[95]."

Other Facts

Shitty owns Wonder Woman underwear[96].

His sophomore year, five different people came out to him in the space of a week[97].

For Halloween in his junior year, he dressed up as "Wrecking Ball" Miley Cyrus[98].

He seems like a wild child, but takes his self grooming seriously.[80] He is generally defensive of his facial hair[99], which he insists is a "pornstache" and not a "pedostache[100]." Via Ask-A-Wellie, he has received a lot of strange questions about his facial hair[101].

When Shitty deigns to wear clothes, he either dresses like he's in a rock band, or like he's trailer trash[102]. He usually does not wear pants.[103]

He probably invented the word "kegster[104]."

Shitty is not allowed to sing. He is virtually tone deaf[105].

His instagram username is shittyknight[106].

Shitty reads Cosmo.[107]

He does not like pink gummy bears, so Lardo eats those for him.[69]

He was surprised to learn that no one actually knows his first name.[21]


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