Suzanne Bittle[1] is Bitty's mom. She refers to her son as Dicky. She first came to Samwell for Family Weekend of Bitty's freshman year and saw the game against Yale in which her son scored the winning goal[2]. She first came to the Haus when driving Bitty back to campus for his sophomore year. Upon arriving, she saw Shitty naked.[3]


Suzanne Bittle

Suzanne shares her son's interest in baking and they share a Pinterest page. Her sister Connie was a Bob Zimmermann fan and had his trading cards[2].

She refers to Shitty as "Mr. Crappy". She also wants to invite Jack to visit the Bittles in Georgia after he graduates.[4][5]

She successfully convinced Shitty to put pants on while she was on a Skype call with Bitty.[6][7][8]

After Jack was signed to the NHL, she sent Bitty at least five news articles about it.[9]

During the summer between Bitty's sophomore and junior years, she hosted Jack as Bitty's guest. She and her husband were unaware that Jack was now Bitty's boyfriend, not just his best friend, as Bitty hasn't told his parents that he's gay, let alone dating someone.[10] According to Bitty, when Suzanne learned that Jack was coming down to Madison for the Fourth of July, she was excited for a month.[11]

Suzanne is involved in some sort of jam dispute with a relative in the Phelps family, which Bitty discusses on his baking vlog.[10] Jack later questions Bitty about this on one of their Skype dates but he feels too tired to go into it and instead asks Jack to tell him more about the Falconers.[12]

After Jack makes alternate captain on the Falconers, Suzanne buys his jersey, something she had talking about doing for months. Bitty tells Jack that Suzanne and Coach are both proud of his achievement and Suzanne has a huge crush on Marty and Thirdy and went on about the possibility of meeting them, somewhat disgusting Bitty.[13]

Before one of Bitty's games junior year, Suzanne and Coach both text him a good luck.[14]

After he and Jack start telling people they are dating, Bitty begins to worry about Suzanne and Coach's reactions to the news. This is compounded by the fact that Bob and Alicia support the pair completely while Bitty can't be sure how Suzanne and Coach will react despite loving Jack when they met him.[15]

After Bitty replicates his Aunt Judy's jam recipe for the Falconers, it causes "a whole other debacle" with Suzanne who is apparently unhappy with what Bitty did.[16]

Suzanne and Bitty later prepare pies together over the phone while talking. Suzanne is excited about how well Jack is doing and his last goal in the playoff games. Suzanne asks Bitty about when he plans to return home for the summer and Bitty is forced to admit that he's planning on staying in Providence with Jack. Suzanne tries to dissuade Bitty because of how busy Jack is, leading to Bitty trying to come out to her. However, Bitty chickens out and hangs up rather abruptly. Afterwards, Bitty admits to Jack that he wants to tell Suzanne the truth, but he just doesn't have the words.[17]

Suzanne used to make Bitty PB&J sandwiches with the crusts cut off and little notes attached, something that Bitty later adopted for Jack's pregame ritual.[18]

At 10:25pm on the day that the Falconers win the Stanley Cup, Suzanne tries to text Bitty, but gets no answer. Spotting Jack and Bitty kissing on TV, Suzanne calls out to her husband that their son is on TV.[19]


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