Tony Tangredi[1][2] "Tango" (class of 2019) joins the Samwell Men's Hockey Team in the fall of 2015 and plays as #13. He takes the Haus tour given by Bitty and incessantly asks questions, even when the answer seems very obvious. One such question is about what Chowder's favorite hockey team is. This was asked while Tango was holding some of Chowder's Sharks merchandise.[3] Tango also asks about Kent Parson, oblivious to Bitty's icy response. He notices Bitty texting non-stop and wonders if he’s “secretly dating someone super-famous.”[4] Bitty describes Tango as "a different case" than Whiskey and "not the sharpest skate."[1] Tango takes part in a team breakfast where he questions Lardo's future plans and is later drawn by Fox's yell during her interview.[5] When Dex and Nursey argue over getting her dibs, an exasperated Lardo suggests she give them to Tango instead before Bitty helps settle the situation.[6] After Samwell gets knocked out after the first round of playoffs, Tango is bummed out but is comforted by Bitty who gives both him and Whiskey pie.[7] Along with the rest of the team, Tango votes for Bitty as captain for the next year and is grinning widely in the background when its announced.[8]

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