The Providence Falconers are an NHL expansion team based out of Providence, Rhode Island. Their assistant General Manager is Georgia Martin. Jack officially signs with the Falconers before graduating from Samwell and makes alternate captain before even finishing out his first year for his impact and leadership on the team.

The Falconers franchise produces a series of promotional videos including behind-the-scenes footage of the practice facility[1], informal interviews, and a series called “Faceoff!” in which teammates compete in various skills-based games on camera.[2]

The team's nutritionist is named Nate and hates Eric Bittle for all the pies he sends the team.[3]

After FalcsTV did a segment on Jack's pregame sandwich, Bitty made sandwiches for all of the team and Jack told them about Bitty being his boyfriend. The team took it quite well with the help of Marty and Thirdy smoothing things over and even invited Bitty to family skate.[4]

During Jack's rookie year, the Falconers are able to clinch a playoff berth. Aware of Bitty's skill in baking, "a list" of the Falconers, particularly Marty, Thirdy, Snowy and Tater clamored for a few pies and a lot of jam from Bitty.[5] The Falconers are able to make it all the way to Game 5 of the playoffs on a near sweep which, if they win, will put them in the Stanley Cup playoffs.[6] Due to an incredible goal from Jack, the Falconers succeed in reaching the playoffs.[7]

After losing Games one and two, winning Games three, four and five and losing Game six, the Falconers won the Stanley Cup with a score of three to two in Game Seven against the Seattle Schooners due to a goal by Jack Zimmermann who was voted MVP. After winning, Jack decided to kiss Bitty on center ice where everyone could see. The next morning, the Falconers decided to hold a presser about the kiss and attempted to find Jack.[8][9]

Team Members

  • Alexei “Tater” Mashkov, #7 - A Russian[10] player introduced in Year 3 Comic 1, but unnamed until Year 3 Comic 2. He gives Jack the nickname “Zimmboni”.[11] Mashkov is also the host of the Falconers' PR interview clip that Bitty watches with his teammates at team breakfast.[1] He is also featured in an episode of Faceoff!, in which he competes against Jack in a logo-drawing contest.[2] Tater tells Bitty that like Jack, he comes from a lot of expectations as his mother is a national figure skater and his father is a town hockey star. Tater also gets along well with Bitty once he learns about Jack having a boyfriend and doesn't care that Jack is with a man rather than a woman. Instead, he cared more about having Bitty make dinner for him and inviting Bitty to family skate.[12] During Game Four of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Tater was injured by a Schooners defenseman. In retaliation, Jack started a fight with the defenseman during Game Five, earning him a hug from Tater.[13]
  • The Veterans - Introduced in Year 3 Comic 3, they always eat breakfast together.[1]
    • Guy #19 - always frowns at everyone. However, after meeting Jack's boyfriend Eric Bittle, Guy actually smiled at him.[14]
    • Sebastien "Marty" St. Martin, #33 - Probably gave Tater his nickname in 2010.[2] Speaks Quebecois French.[15][16] Alternate captain with Jack and Thirdy.[17] Asks for Jack to come to dinner for weeks without success.[18] First person on the team that Jack tells about his relationship with Eric Bittle and is very supportive of the news. Has a wife named Gabby who loves Bitty's pies and thinks Jack's partner is a keeper as a result.[19] After Jack came out to the team, helped alongside Thirdy to smooth things over with the players who still found it weird.[20] When the team was loudly trying to place orders for Bitty's Baking, Marty was on the phone with his wife getting her requests.[21]
    • Randall "Thirdy" Robinson, #32 - writes poems. Has kids that his time on the road keeps him away from. Alternate captain with Jack and Marty.[22] Met Bitty at dinner with Marty.[23] Alongside Marty helped smooth things over with the players who still found it weird and expressed interest in having Bitty babysit.[24]
  • Snowy #24 - A goalie who spends a lot of time in the trainers' room.[1] After Jack admitted he was dating Eric Bittle, Snowy simply commented on how nice it was and explained to Tater that Jack hadn't told them as he was being discreet. He also dealt with Poots' assumption that the team was playing a rookie joke on him.[25]
  • Poots - allegedly pooted in an interview, hence his nickname.[1] Always gets blamed when a mess is made.[26] After Jack revealed he was dating Eric Bittle and that Marty and Thirdy knew, Poots believed the team was pulling a rookie prank on him.[27]
  • Jack Zimmermann #1 - Son of hockey legend Bad Bob Zimmermann. Alternate captain with Marty and Thirdy.[28]
  • Fitzgerald - possibly Poots, as both are stated to be rookies. Plus, Poots has red hair and Fitzgerald is an Irish last name. Receives and returns a pass from Jack leading to his game-tying score versus the Aces.


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