Connor[1] "Whiskey" (Class of 2019) joins the Samwell Men's Hockey Team in the fall of 2015. He doesn't speak much, except to question Chowder about what "'swawesome" means. He also tells Chowder that he prefers the nickname of Whiskey over Whiskers.[2] After Jack Zimmermann watches the Samwell team's first game, Whiskey gets his Falconers jersey signed by Jack. Whiskey then shows Tango the signed jersey.[3] Bitty later describes Whiskey as "a bit standoffish."[4] Whiskey seems to have befriended some members of the LAX team.[5] He and Bitty both score in a game in the spring of Bitty's junior year. An excited Chowder gives Whiskey a pat on the back for it. During a team breakfast where Ransom and Holster argue over their plans post-graduation, Whiskey agrees with Ransom's comment that he wants to make money alongside Dex.[6] Whiskey is later bummed out when the team doesn't make it past the first round of playoffs, but is comforted by Bitty who states that the only other frog who got as many points in a season as Whiskey is Jack Zimmermann. Whiskey simply replies that they'll make it the next year. Bitty also refers to Whiskey by his real name of Connor.[7] Like the rest of the team, Whiskey votes for Bitty as captain for the next year. He smiles and claps along with everyone else when its announced at the end of the year banquet.[8]

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